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David Road, Luke Taylor and Well-Hung College Jock Connick Dade Have Bareback Raw 3way At The Gym

Whether you like beefy college jocks, innocent baby-faced young men or lanky twinks, we got you covered with this hot threeway from Bare Adventures. It pairs up muscular, tattooed, big-dicked hottie Connick Dade, with adorable, innocent-looking beefy David Road and lanky Luke Taylor and his twink build. David is the gym attendant, selling Luke, a patron, a bottle of water when Connick walks in. Next thing you know, Connick’s seated at the leg machine, legs stretched and ready for a workout, with Luke and David flanking him, ready to give him a few tips on how to get the most from his workout. The young man happily proceed to show Connick that sometimes, the best way to workout is to just get naked and fuck bareback! The three young men take turns sucking on each other, especially on Connick’s meaty, uncut shaft which is quite huge! After a while, David’s in the middle with his legs up in the air while Luke is slobbering all over his pretty dick and Connick works his beefy ass. Soon, David’s got Luke’s cock down his throat and Connick’s raw slab of meat buried deep inside him. When they shift positions, Connick winds up on his back with Luke impaling himself and riding the big dick while David feeds him cock. And all too soon, Luke and David spew their loads all over Connick, who pops off one of his own. How’s that for a bareback workout?

Raw 3way At The Gym With David Road, Luke Taylor and Well-Hung Connick Dade

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David White Fucked Raw By Caleb Moreton’s Huge Uncut Cock

The only thing better than getting in a good workout is giving a balls-deep raw fuck, or taking it bareback up the ass from a really big dick. And Caleb Moreton, a dark-haired college jock has what it takes to dish it. As David White soon finds out when he walks in on Caleb and tries to show him the correct way to use the leg machine. But Caleb has other things on his mind once he sees the perky, beefy ass raised and up for grabs. Caleb manhandles David’s ass, pulls down his sweats and buries his face in the peach fuzzy crack while licking the hole. David doesn’t mind, knowing full well he’s about to get a workout tip of a different nature! But first, he’s confronted with Caleb’s meaty cock, which he instantly starts sucking and getting it hard. Soon, the throbbing piece of meat is stretching his hole and fucking it raw, reaching deeper than any other cock’s been before. David is in a bareback frenzy as he straddles Caleb and rides the throbbing tool. All too soon, he’s spurting his load, followed by Caleb, who squirts David’s balls with his own juice.

Caleb Moreton Gives David White's Hole A Big, Raw Workout

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Denis Folac Barebacks Julian Tomlison In A Hot Tub

Rub-a-dub, dub. Denis Folac and Julian Tomlison are in the hot tub! They may not be a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker but they know how to handle their cocks! Handsome and slender Denis gets teased by college twink Julian, who strokes his pretty cock opposite from him. Soon the young men come together and their lips lock in a kiss as they fondle each other. Each takes his turn sucking cock and making the other feel good. Before you know it Julian, who’s got quite an itch deep inside his ass, is standing up and bent over slightly, hands against the wall while Denis works his throbbing shaft into Julian’s rectum. The raw cock pumps and fills Julian and the curly-haired young man is in ecstasy. You can see the satisfaction on his face as he then rides Denis’ shaft, bouncing up and down as he strokes himself to a climax, followed by Denis who spews a nice load of his own.

Denis Folac and Julian Tomlison Bareback In A Hot Tub

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Bareback Fucking In The Sauna With Falco White and Luke Taylor

Relaxing in the sauna makes you feel wonderful. Your muscles get all nice and loose. Unfortunately for Luke Taylor, he’s still got a kink in his neck. When he asks Falco White to give him shoulder massage, Falco eagerly complies. But what starts off as a simple massage, soon winds up with a lot of kissing and groping. Before you know it, Luke’s towel is off and his big dick is being stroked by Falco. After a moment, Luke turns around and presents his cock for Falco to service. The tattooed jock does so with pleasure and after a while, Luke is returning the favor. After each twink takes turns sucking dick, they wind up in a 69 position, pumping their meat into the other’s hot, moist mouth. But after a while, using sweat as natural lube, Luke is bent over and taking Falco’s big, fat uncut dick up his tight little hole. And what a fucking! The bareback bottom gets slammed repeatedly; fast, hard and deep. Makes you wonder how Luke can handle suck a big dick. After a long screwing, Luke straddles Falco, impales himself on the throbbing shaft and goes to town riding Falco like a horse. But Falco likes to drive so Luke keeps still while Falco pumps up into him, eventually spewing his load inside the raw hole. As his cum dribbles out, Falco helps Luke onto his side, where the young man proceeds to jerk off and give Falco a fresh, steamy cum facial.

Falco White and Luke Taylor Fuck Raw In The Saunat

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