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Ian Samson Shares A Bareback Fantasy With Caleb Moreton

Sometimes you see a guy and something about him just gets you going. Your pulse starts to race, your cock throbs and your body is all aflame as you fantasize about the two of you in bed together. That’s what plays out in this scene as we jump into Ian Samson’s mind and we see him getting it on with horse-hung Caleb Moreton. They’re kissing alone will get your need pumping but wait until you see Ian chowing down on that uncut beauty! It’s thick, fat and long. We’re pretty sure it hurt a little when Ian got fucked raw with that juicy dick, no matter how much spit Caleb used to lube up his hole with. From the look on the shaggy-haired bottom’s face we don’t think he minded one single inch. Especially when he got the cum fucked out of him then had Caleb’s load spew all over him as well!


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College Study Group Turns Into Bareback 3way With Connick Dade, Nick Daniels and Louie Eshby

College life can be hard. Very hard. In fact, it can be downright stiffening. Between all that frustrating school work, the hot nerdy guys and the mouth-watering jocks that make your dick throb painfully, campus studies can sometimes be the very last thing on your mind. When that happens, you join a study group. That’s what blond tattooed jock Connick Dade, handsome hunk Nick Daniels and nerdy twink Louie Eshby did. The problem is that none of them could keep their minds on their work long enough to get anything done. So, rather than beat a dead horse, they stripped down and beat one another’s cocks! That’s how Nick and Louie discovered exactly why Connick was “the Big Man on Campus.” After each young man got the chance to suck and get sucked, Nick and Louie spent a good amount of time making love to Connick’s monster meat with their mouths, sharing it between the two of them and slurping on his balls. Before long, Nick was bent over getting his ass eaten by Connick, who worked that beautiful cock up Nick’s tight hole while Louie skewered him with his big cock from the other end. Spit-roasted, Nick was fucked from both ends with big dicks until he had to get Louie up his ass. He straddles nerdy Louie and, while impaling himself on his equally beautiful cock, Connick stroked his huge slab of beef and shot a huge load of jock cum all over the two young men. Moments later, Nick drains his balls and spurts all over his own belly, followed closely by Louie who drenches Nicks’ balls and the bottom of his ass. If that didn’t relax them long enough to get their work done, nothing will. Then again, they can always just fuck some more!


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Julian Tomlinson Tops College Freshman Joshua Finley

Wanna know how powerful a good bareback fuck can be? Just ask college freshman Joshua Finley. He was in the dorm room one afternoon working on his schoolwork when Julian Tomlinson, between classes, walked in and found him struggling over algebraic equations. Frustrated because he didn’t quite get it, Joshua allowed himself to be persuaded into some raw sex with Julian. Once the curly-haired twink’s lips touched his, Joshua forgot all about his schoolwork and dropped to his knees, confronted with a fat dick with a shiny head. Joshua wrapped his lips around the head and slurped all over the bulbous knob, slobbering on the rest of the shaft, too. Soon after, his own cock was being sucked by Julian’s talented mouth. But moments later, a very surprised Joshua found himself face down on the rickety table getting his virgin hole rimmed and fingered. He didn’t protest though. It felt too good, especially once Julian had worked the entire length of his raw cock inside his bare hole! Joshua got his cherry hole popped and pumped bareback, then rolled onto his back where he shot a load all over his belly and Julian drenched him with his own load. We hear he did real well with his schoolwork after that!


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Danny Montero Receives An A.M. Wake-Up Blowjob From David Ballard

When David Ballard agreed to give college dorm roommate Danny Montero a morning wake-up call, he wasn’t quiet expecting to have his face pushed down onto a fat hard dick. But that’s exactly what happened when his alarm went off and he tried to wake Danny, just as he had requested. Never one to say no to his fellow alumni, David took Danny’s cock in stride and down his throat, slicking it all up with spit and getting it shiny. By the time Danny returned the favor and sucked on David’s dick for a while, David was already itching to get fucked raw and have his hole plugged by his dark-haired roommate. The slender, sinewy young man rimmed David’s hole, priming it and lubing it with spit as he prepped it for a balls-deep bareback fuck that would satisfy both their morning needs. After pumping the sweet bare hole all over the room and in a particularly enthusiastic ride where David straddled both bunk beds and Danny thrust upwards into the stretched out fuckhole, both young men let loose with huge loads of cum that left them drained, satisfied, and ready to start the school day!


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