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Marty Marshall Chops Wood, Gets Wood Then Flip Fucks Luke Taylor Raw

There’s nothing like some good, old-fashioned wood chopping out in the open air to get the juices flowing and make you feel at one with nature. Unless, of course, it’s stripping down balls ass naked and communing with the earth while fucking bareback. This playful scene explores country bumpkins Marty Marshall and Luke Taylor, dressed in overalls, doing just that. Marty’s all horned up and thirsty when Luke shows up with a glass of water. A grateful Marty, who’s just finished chopping wood, beers up then gets wood as the two start to kiss. Soon they’re trading oral favors, swapping back and forth, then rimming tight pink sphincters eager to get fucked and hungry for big raw cock. Luke works his sizeable shaft balls deep inside Marty, who happens to be a true bareback fiend in real life, then bends over while Marty fucks him in a hot flip-fuck. Both explode with some hot sweet ball juice that flows like tree sap. Makes you wanna lick up all that jizz, doesn’t it?

Bareback Country Boys LukeTaylor and Marty Marshall

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An Internet Bareback Fantasy With David Harr and Nick Gill

You know how sometimes you spend hours in front of the internet, stroking your cock and edging to pictures of naked guys sucking and fucking? That’s what strawberry blond twink David Harr is doing. He should be doing his schoolwork but the young man is very fucking horny! While reviewing his collection, David stops at a pic of Nick Gill, a jock swimmer he knows. Soon, David’s got his eyes closed, his hand down his pants, and he’s fantasizing about an incredible bareback session with Nick. Watch them take turns sucking each other as their slender young bodies are stretched taut. After rimming David for a bit, Nick lays into him, working his cock inside the younger man and fucking him raw before bending him over and continuing to stretch his hole.


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Carlos Sanchez Fulfills His Bareback Fantasy With David Nealson

Fresh, innocent-looking twink Carlos Sanchez races to catch the elevator in this scene. Lucky for Carlos David Nealson is inside. After Carlos gets in and the doors close the two young men stare at each other and Carlos imagines himself losing his bareback cherry with David. In his fantasy, David sucks his cock, making Carlos feel good then, after sucking David off, Carlos gets his tight, sweet puckered sphincter royally crammed and stuffed full of fat twink dick until the both explode in ecstasy, spewing fresh hot loads of juicy cum.


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Marty Marshall’s Bareback Fantasy With Hung Jock Daniel Wood

Continuing with the bareback fantasy theme, how about exploring a little nasty with super bareback freak twink Marty Marshall and hung dark-haired jock Daniel Wood? The blond cutie is running up the stairs as Daniel is going down when they bump into each other. The papers in Marty’s hands fall to the floor and Daniel, being the sweet guy that he is, bends over to help Marty. The stud is soon gone but Marty remains with his fantasy of swapping oral favors with the big-dicked hottie then getting rimmed and taking that fat, uncut cock deep up his ass. Both explode in the fantasy, leaving their balls drained and very happy.


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