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Flip Flop Bareback Fucking On The Job With Thomas Finn and Alex Stevens

We don’t think there’s ever been a hotter, sexier pair of bareback fuckers than pornstar Alex Stevens and Thomas Finn, both from BareAdventures. Hot bodies, perfectly toned and muscled with amazing smiles. The two are working together on a contracting job but the problem is that they can’t keep their minds on their work. They’ve lost focus because they can’t stop thinking of how horny they are. With bareback sex on their minds, the two waste little time in stripping each other. Soon, hot mouths surround hard cocks and they each suck dick, servicing each other like hungry whores. Thomas is a muscular jock and Alex is a slender, tattooed, twink-like hottie. Both are buff and rock solid as they treat the others hole to some good stretching and raw fucking. And for those of us who like to watch, we’re treated to awesome close-ups of all that hot raw sex between two hot and passionately kissing studs that will leave you shooting an explosive load as big as the one that Thomas delivers!

Manager John Parker Spit-Roasted Bareback By Workers Nick Gill And Lenovo Graz

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Manager John Parker Proves Motivated Workers Nick Gill and Lenovo Graz Make Better Bareback Fuckers

If you’ve got employees that aren’t up to relax with their work, we’d like to recommend motivating them instead of reprimanding. Or, perhaps lead by example? Take John Parker for instance, he’s managing two major hotties: Nick Gill, wearing overalls and Lenovo Graz, a dark-haired young stud that’ll set fire to your heart just as easily as he’ll get you rock hard and set your hole twitching. Well, they’re just not getting their work done the way they should so John, being a different sort of manager and motivator, decides that the best thing to do is to roll up his sleeves, drop to his knees and start sucking some cock. Two of them in fact! He’s got Lenovo on one side, with his beautifully tanned skin and slightly hairy chest, Nick on the other. As he takes turns sucking on Nick and Lenovo, Nick starts eating his boss’ asshole. Talk about kissing ass! But John doesn’t seem to mind because the deeper Nick digs into him, the harder he sucks Lenovo. John gets his hole fucked bareback by Nick, then by Lenovo, who gets him down on all fours and pounds his ass until all three spew. We keep wondering though, who’s the lucky one here? The employees for “giving it to the man” and fucking the boss or the boss himself who winds up with a double cum facial? We’ll let you decide.

Manager John Parker Spit-Roasted Bareback By Workers Nick Gill And Lenovo Graz

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David Gold Fucked Into A Bareback Frenzy By Zac Powers

If you like pretty twinks with blonde hair and big cocks you’re going to love David Gold. This is one slender young man with an innocent looking face and a hot tight hole that loves raw cock. Just ask Zac Powers, a bigger, beefier young man who also happens to have a big dick. Between the two they probably have close a foot and a half of raw, uncut meat. Bet that’ll get you drooling! For this scene from BareAdventures, we’ve asked them to paint a wall but Zac being who he is, splashes some paint on David and, after helping him clean up, takes it further. Before you know it, the two young men are taking turns sucking on each other, slobbering over some beautiful cock. After a while, though, David straddles Zac and rides that throbbing raw cock until he fucks himself into a bareback frenzy. But Zac prefers to drive and after getting his cock ridden and milked by David’s tight hole, the bigger guy flips David, pins him down and power fucks his massive, uncut cock into his twink co-worker until David’s all stretched out and gaping.

Zac Powers Fucks David Gold Into Bareback Submission

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Alex Stevens and Dark-Haired Thor Flip Fuck Bareback

Thor is a sexy, dark-haired Latino who thinks of nothing but bareback sex. Whether he’s giving or taking it raw, this hot young man is happiest when he’s fucking. He’s been paired in this scene with porn superstar Alex Stevens, who has an insatiable appetite and can handle a good pounding! With the two together, the very last thing on their mind is the bare wall they’ve been hired to paint. After paining a big blue penis, off fly the clothes and the two jocks start making out and taking turns sucking each other. After bending Thor over, Alex drives his cock balls deep into Thor and fucks him into a frenzy but then Alex goes ass up and Thor slams it right back into him until they both let lose with loads of fresh hot cum.

Raw Flip Fucking With Alex Stevens and Thor

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