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Sweaty Twinks Alex Stevens and Chris Fox Get Hot, Raw, And Sticky

After getting all sticky with sweat one hot afternoon while taking in the sights, tall and handsome twink Chris Fox and Alex Stevens get even hotter and sweatier when they get back home. Alex jumps in the shower and starts soaping up when he’s joined by horny Chris, who gives Alex a blowjob in the tub. The twinks head to the bedroom where they can get more comfortable. There, Alex returns the favor and sucks Chris’ cock before getting into a 69 position where each gets face fucked and rims the other. Before you know it, Chris is sliding his raw cock into Alex’s hole. It’s Chris’ first time having bareback sex and from the look on his face we have a feeling this won’t be the last. But it doesn’t end there. Alex pops Chris’ bareback cherry, working his own dick inside the virgin barebacker before pulling out and straddling him. Alex rides Chris, bouncing up and down until they both erupt with hot, juicy loads that leaves them sweatier and stickier than they were before. Isn’t sightseeing fun?

Alex Stevens and Chris Fox Get Sticky With A Flip-Flop Bareback Fuck

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Bareback 3-Way Detention With Schoolmates Luke Taylor, David Harr And Dave Cook

How do you make time fly in a boring detention? Other than being a goody two-shoes and avoiding it all together, if you’re Luke Tayler, David Harr or Dave Cook, you pass the time by teasing each other with your hard dick! Dave peers out into the hallway to make sure the coast is clear while Luke and David get busy making out and sucking each other. Dave joins in, his tongue eating out Luke’s hot hole and, before long, he’s working that uncut monster balls deep inside Luke while the dark-haired bottom is spit-roasted between the two blonds. After a while, David obviously starts thinking he’s missing out on something so he bends over the desk and taunts Dave. The hung twink pulls out of Luke, leaving his hole gaping wide open, then starts fucking David. The luck fucker paces himself going back and forth from one hungry hole to the other until they’re all ready to cum.

Schoolmates Luke Taylor, David Harr And Dave Cook Have Bareback 3-Way In Detention

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Peter Boow Fucks Schoolmate Julian Tomlinson Bareback

Take a trip back to when you were in school. Bet you have loads of fantasies where you were either the jock that was being serviced or the skinny twink that was servicing the jock. Regardless of which side of the fantasy you’re on, you’ll enjoy watching adorable, curly-haired Julian Tomlinson as he washes Peter Boow’s feet after a particularly hard game out on the pitch. Naturally, both are extremely horny and the moment they touch hormones kick in and they start making out. Bulging shorts soon burst open and reveal rock hard dicks which they each enjoy taking care of. Julian, especially, has a nicely curved shaft that practically begs for deep oral. Peter greedily obliges, knowing that he’s soon going to pump his big raw cock balls deep inside Julian’s tight pink hole. Peter lies down, strokes his massive shaft and Julian spreads his ass wide as Peter’s eats him out. After loosening up his schoolmate’s ass, Peter slowly slides his long dick inside Julian’s raw hole up to the hilt then makes the boy bounce up on and down on it, making the twink feel every throbbing inch before unload and covering each other with fresh twink jizz.

Julian Tomlinson Washes Peter Boow's Feet, Gets Fucked Bareback

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Nick Daniels Fucked Bareback By Hung Schoolmate Dave Cook

Ever have a schoolboy fantasy you never got to fulfill. Or better yet, ever have one that you’d like to relive? Then why not live your sexual life vicariously through Dave Cook and Nick Daniels? The two twinks are schoolmates, both looking for a bit of relief from their grueling day and schoolword. They lick each others sweaty bodies, tasting their twink flesh and make out. Soon, frisky and compact Dave persuades Nick into balls-out bareback fucking by teasing the dark-haired young man with an enormous uncut and thick cock that looks even larger than it is because of his size and age. Though they take turns blowing each other, Nick is all too happy to lay back and let Dave suck him off with his expert service. It’s all good with Dave. He doesn’t mind. He enjoys sucking cock. Besides, he knows that after all that dick sucking he’s going to get his cock buried inside Nick’s hole. After a while he pushes Nick against the wall, eats out his ass then stands and works his raw cock inside his schoolmate. Dave pumps Nick full of all that meat, as deep as it will go. Then Nick lifts up his leg to grant Dave more access which, in turn, gives us a fantastic view of Nice getting properly fucked.

Hung Twink Dave Cook Fucks Schoolmate Nick Daniels Bareback

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Damien Dreik Distracted From Schoolwork, Fucked Bareback By Zac Powers

Start the new year off right! Check out the first scene of 2012 from Bare Adventures. It features Zac Powers and Damien Dreik. Both are hot schoolmates in uniform as they try to study. Soon, however, Zac distracts Damien with his big dick and Damien can hardly resist. Especially when it comes to sucking each other off and trading blowjobs! But when Zac starts to eat Damien’s tight little hole with the slightly hairy ass, you can almost see the hesitation. Damien doesn’t stop Zac, though and the bareback top, Eastern European university jock stuffs his big cock in the sexy, dark-haired bottom’s fuckhole. Zac stretches Damien out and leaves him with a gaping hole as well as drenched in schoolboy jizz.

Zac Powers Distracts Damien Dreik From Schoolwork, Fucks Him Bareback

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