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Damien Dreik And Peter Boow Become Flip-Flopping Bareback Buds

When Damien Dreik invited Peter Boow over to his place, they both knew there were ulterior motives. Especially since both were extremely horny and in desperate need of getting off! Having become friends and fuck buddies after being in a few scenes together, the two bareback sex fiends often get together for a bit of fun. This time, when Damien said he’d found a new favorite on-line scene, Peter came right over. Immediately after showing Peter what he wanted, he and Damien started to make out. Twink and jock are a sexy contrast, too! Especially with Peter so tall and Damien much shorter and compact. But height doesn’t matter when your cock is buried deep inside another guy’s ass. These two fuck buddies were soon stripped and taking turns servicing each other before flip-fucking bareback.

Damien Dreik and Peter Boow get horny watching porn on the internet and have bareback sex on the couch

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Danny Montero Tops Curly-Haired Julian Tomlinson

Danny Montero and Julian Tomlinson both like playing the field. Neither wants to get tied down with a boyfriend because they have entirely too much fun on their own and with friends. So when they want to get off, they’ll sometimes make arrangements for one to visit the other. This time, it’s Julian who’s visiting Danny and the curly-haired twink is VERY horny! He wants cock and manhandles Danny until he gets what he wants. The dark-haired Latin is all too happy to give it to his twink buddy, too! And after making out in the kitchen, they take their business to the bedroom where they strip down and take turns sucking each other. But Julian wants to get fucked so he offers his ass up for Danny to rim before mounting and scratching that bareback itch! See? That’s what friends are for. And with friends like that, who needs…well, never mind.

after making out in the kitchen, Danny Montero and Julian Tomlinson have bareback sex in the bedroom

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Zac Powers, Lukas Davis and Scott Haux Have Raw 3-Way In Doctor’s Office

Sometimes you find what you need in the most unexpected of places. That’s what happened to jock-like twink Lukas Davis and Scott Haux. Both weren’t feeling quite right and wound up going to the doctor’s office. But while waiting at reception to be called in to see the doctor, the two start making out on the spot. Soon, Lukas whips out Scott’s dick and it’s a beauty! Thick, fat, uncut. Oh, yeah. And big! So much so that Lukas can barely fit his mouth around it or take all that much into his mouth. Which is okay, though. You see, that’s when Zac Powers walks in. Once he gets over the initial shock of seeing his patients sucking cock in his waiting room, Zac joins them. He gets a great blowjob from Scott while giving one to Lukas but after a while he and Scott simply spit-roast Lukas between them, pumping him full of cock and barebacking his sweet tight ass until they all explode with dripping loads of cum all over Scott. Positively drenched with their seed, Scott was feeling much better, as was Lukas. Less work for Zac!

Lukas Davis, Scott Haux and Zac Powers have a bareback 3-way at the doctor’s office

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Danny Montero Learns Raw Sex Best Medicine To Release Pressure

Danny Montero is a horny little fucker. The Latin twink finds out who’s on duty that day and visits the doctor complaining about erections. Of course, he never elaborates on whether he gets too many or too little. Perhaps Doctor Alex Stevens should have probed a little further? Regardless of what the trouble is, it seems there’s a pill for that. Alex gives it Danny, who swallows it and a moment later has an erection. Now, everyone knows the best way to relieve that type of pressure is to simply jerk off and pop off a load. But when you’ve got such a cute and sexy doctor, willing to do whatever it takes to help out his patients…well, let’s just say Alex gives Danny more than just a helping hand. After getting blown by the good doctor, Danny gets his face fucked, his ass rimmed, and his hole stuffed full of uncut raw cock. But all that bareback sex is too much for Danny and he’s soon spewing while getting pumped at the same time and his freshly fucked hole ends up covered in the Doctor’s jizz.

danny montero goes to the doctor complaining of erections and alex stevens fucks him raw

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