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Plumber’s Bareback Crack

If you’ve ever had a plumber over to fix your pipes, you probably know about an amazing phenomenon called plumber’s crack. That’s when some big, hairy guy bends over and exposes his ass crack and sometimes more, especially as he gets on all fours and shoves his head under your sink. Most times, it’s a guy you wouldn’t otherwise give the time of day to. But, since you’re probably horny and he’s a man, and you just want some cock, you might give him a second look, if not actually try and seduce him.

Interestingly enough, the same thing happens in Eastern Europe where the plumbers tend to be cute young men with hot bodies, big dicks, hungry holes, and a craving to lay some pipe. Damien Dreik shows up at Rudy Bodlak’s place, which he shares with buddy Jesse Jankins. And while the adorable dark-haired twink is on the floor, Rudy and Jesse whip their dicks out and Damien confronts two big pieces of meat he instantly devours. Taking turns with both, the three then get into a cocksucking extravaganza before bending Damien over and laying more bareback pipe up his sweet and hot tight hole. We wouldn’t advise you try this at home, not unless you know for sure. HOWEVER, if you offer him a beer, you never know what might come up. After all, EVERY man needs his dick sucked.

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Bareback Hottie Drenched In Rain, Sunshine, Then Cum

Bare Adventures brings you another couple of blue-collar workers in the form of two hot farmers: John Horny and Maxim Moira. They’re hungry, horny, and ready for bareback sex at the drop of a wrench. But there’s no dropping of wrenches necessary because these guys are already raring to go. Especially since they can’t seem to get their tractor working! After that, it takes little time for them to start making out and whipping out some big tools. And for those of you with a thing for Andrew Garfield, the British actor who played everyone’s favorite web swinger in the last Spiderman movie, Maxim is going to be RIGHT up your alley. Not to mention John’s! But not before a LOT of dick sucking, enough to make you wish you had a big dick of your own to deep throat. The two head outdoors where, bent over a wreck of a car, Maxim takes John’s raw hole, stuffs it full of meat, and pounds away while a summer shower drenches their bodies. The rain passes and the sun then comes out, licking their flesh with light and making them even hotter. But by then Maxim’s got John on his back, on top of a pile of tires, tearing into his hole until he leaves him drenched in cum.

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The Mechanics Of Bareback Sex

Ask any gay man about the object of his desire and more than likely it will include a mechanic. Then again, grease monkeys have always been the epitome of butch, masculine fuckers so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re a popular sexual fantasy. So we decided to throw together two young men who are hot as hell, athletic and fit, and always ready for bareback sex. Both are horned up and Rudy Bodlak is already greased up, his tight hole waiting for a raw cock to pump him full of meat. John Parker is just the bareback fiend to give it to him, too! There’s very little foreplay. Just John getting his grubby hands all over Rudy’s beautiful ass and minutes later, he’s got the dark-haired young jock bent over the car engine and stretching him open. Moments later, with John’s cock fresh out of Rudy’s ass, Rudy starts working on that beautiful piece of meat with some ass-to-mouth cock sucking. But all that does is get John hornier, wetter, and slicker for more bareback fucking! So after cleaning his cock and getting all covered in spit, Rudy is on his side getting fucked once more, his hungry hole taking John’s raw cock until they both explode.

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Twink Banged Raw Outdoors By Hung Work Buddy

Ever work beside a guy you have the hots for? Kevin Ateah is doing just that with Zac Powers. The trouble is he’s not sure if Zac would be receptive to his advances. What makes things worse is that now they’re working on a project outdoors and the fresh air makes Kevin that much hornier than he already is. He wants cock, wants to feel it sliding down his throat, and yearns to feel it fucking him up the ass. But he keeps himself in check. That is, until Zac walks away, leaving Kevin alone. The twink peeks around the corner to see what Zac could possibly be doing and when he catches Zac jerking off, the older, taller, beautifully hung Eastern European stud invites Kevin to suck his cock. Next thing you know the boy’s on his knees, devouring the thick, uncut and juicy piece of meat. But slobbering all over a tasty piece of beef isn’t all Kevin is interested in. He gives up his ass, presenting it to Zac, who stuffs it full of dick. Not sure who is luckiest here — Kevin for getting fucked bareback by such a cute, hung guy, or Zac who gets the opportunity to plow into such a willing, eager, and hungry hole. Either way you’re bound to leave behind a thick, heavy load the way Zac does all over Kevin’s trim little ass.

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