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In Every Job That Must Be Done, There Is An Element Of Fun

Mary Poppins once said that in every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun. Well, we’re not exactly sure that this is quite what she meant but it certainly fits the bill! You see, it concerns the kitchen. No, not cooking. Cleaning. And trust us when we tell you that you won’t see anything like this on The Food Network!

Jose Manuel, all tanned, blond, and pretty, is scrubbing away at his kitchen counter when young Czech hottie Jesse Jenkins walks in, playful and full of fun. Distracted by his hard on, Jose is soon on his knees sucking the fat dick before Jesse lays him out on the counter he’s just cleaned as if he were a buffet. Jesse sucks on Jose, returning the oral favor but soon gets a little kinky. He produces a couple of pieces of rope and ties Jose to the counter, obviously having spent some time thinking about just how he was going to fuck his buddy bareback. Taking his hot ass, Jesse fucks Jose raw and we’re treated to some great close-up shots of his cock sliding into Jose’s hungry hole before both let loose with big loads of cum.

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Riding High On A Fat Hog

What’s better when it comes to getting fucked raw, length or girth? Well, guess it depends on the bottom getting fucked bareback. Based on the look on Kay Kavanah’s face however, we’d the say the proper dick for getting fucked bare is a fat hog. And no, we’re definitely not talking motorcycles, though Kotly IS saving up for a crotch rocket. That’s why he’s taken on this final installment of a home improvement that seems to be taking longer than it should. Then again, one look at what these boys are doing and you can see why. The young men are easily distracted and soon taking turns sucking other before Kotley tears into Kay’s raw hole. But the bareback bottom prefers to go riding on that fat one, as high from the rush of getting fucked raw as if he were stoned, milking the shaft with his beautiful pucker until Kotley spews all over his balls.

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Bare Banging Bossman

One of the best things about being the boss is that you have the option of stepping back to observe your workers while chugging down a good brew. Naturally, when super sexy, handsome blond Mark Brown is hired to supervise a tile installation job, he has to make sure his workers, Jesse Jenkins and Max Pool, have proper direction and all the proper tools they need to get the job done. But as it turns out, the only tool necessary is his deliciously mouth watering cock!

Horny, Mark whips it out, and starts stroking. Soon Max and Jesse are sharing their boss between them, taking their turns, before servicing him together. But the job doesn’t stop there. If you’re going to do something right you go all the way. Max winds up in the middle, skewered by Max and Jesse as he’s fucked bareback. Once each horny fucker has his fill, they swap, tag-teaming Max during their bareback sex session until they blow their loads. Max pops off a big one and so does Jesse, who comes all over Max’s ass. But Mark’s is the one that hits Max’s face. And what else can Max do but lick off the last of the few drops of cum?

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Surveying his workman, buff young man Mark Brown, the muscled twink with a damn fine inked torso stands back and lets his colleagues get on with the work whilst he plays with his dick in front of them. Like moths to a flame however, his dick is surrounded by hungry mouths as they share licking and sucking his ever growing shaft. With very twinky type Max and Jesse giving the boss want he wants, the long suck-sesh gives you the best build up to Max getting spit-roasted right there on the tiles, his pretty young ass pulled and prodded by Mark, getting his virgin butt readied for a harsh fucking he won’t forget in a hurry! As Mark is let loose on Max’s butt, we’re given unrivalled access to his long shaft sliding in and out, making that juicy butt shale with each deep thrust before the tops swop places and Max gets a taste of his own ass from Mark’s dick, letting Jesse treat himself to his freshly fucked hole, finishing off with a flurry of boy juice soaking the token bottom boy from face to ass in his initiation like no other!

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The Handyman’s Assistant

You’ve heard tell of the farmer’s daughter? Well, this is the tale of the handyman’s assistant and what happens to him when the handyman is horny, in need of a tight hole to fuck. Dark-haired Rudy Bodlak with his toned, jock body and fat uncut dick is the handyman. Jose Manuel is the slender, twink-like bottom who loves cock and will only take it raw; especially if it’s from his boss. But he’ll take on any comer as long as they have a load for him. He doesn’t necessarily collect loads, mind you. He just likes to feel all that hot jizz splatter all over his hole, his balls, his cock.

As the two get down to business working on a DIY home improvement project, they put work aside for more pressing matters. Hard cocks, hungry mouths, and a twitchy butthole in need of bareback sex. Jose is soon sucking down the entire length of Rudy’s uncut fat piece of meat before taking it raw from the muscular jock. In fact, watching Jose take Rudy with such ease is a sight to behold. And wait until Rudy starts fucking. Beautiful close-ups of Jose getting fucked rough before Rudy decides to suck him for a bit. We’d suggest you keep edging until Rudy gets back to fucking Jose bareback because you’ll have even better views as he explodes and splatters his seed all over Jose’s balls. It’s a copious load that will make your mouth water.

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The Secret To A Good Priming

There are very few people we know who enjoy slapping paint on walls, let alone priming them first. And yet, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do before you put on another layer of color. That’s what Mark Brown and Kevin Ateah are doing as they work on an unfinished room. While Kevin is on his knees, mixing the mess in a bucket, Mark is busy priming away. Each of them is lost in his own fantasy of bareback sex, with Mark imagining Kevin pushed up against a wall, his hole stuffed full of cock, and Kevin visualizing himself getting fucked and creamed by the blond, tattooed jock. That is, until Mark gets an erection right in Kevin’s face. What else is a hungry bottom twink to do but reach out and start groping? At first Mark is taken aback but Kevin is not one to be deterred. Once he’s got Mark’s cock pulled out, he starts stroking the fat, uncut piece of meat and Mark just becomes putty in Kevin’s hands.

With some close-up dick sucking, the most avid of cocksuckers will be drooling, wishing they were there helping Kevin, or better yet, shoving their own cock in front of Kevin’s face! Little does Kevin know that all the spit he’s using on Mark’s cock is exactly what he’ll get as lube when he’s fucked because the hung jock like a really tight hole that milks his cock like a vise. Besides, why waste all that spit? It’s natural lube! Just as with cocksucking, we get some beautiful close-ups of Mark’s raw cock pumping in and out of Kevin’s twink hole. In fact, watching Mark use Kevin as his personal fucktoy leaves you with only one impression: this is one smokin’ HOT Eastern European jock who knows exactly how to handle a bareback bottom. And when he shoots his load, Mark coats Kevin’s ass with a big load of clear, runny cum that you just want to spread out and coat all over that hole with your tongue. And THAT is the secret to a good priming.

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