Roy Parker And Petr Kluk Strike Raw Business Deal

There are those who will say, “Oh, no! I’d never pay for it.” Then there are those who will say, “But what about love?” Our reply? Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Besides, paying for sex is all about the intimacy, the hot and sweaty sex, and getting off without all the emotional muck before and after. And when you think about it, paying to get off is nothing more than a business transaction. You want something and have the money to pay for said item, another has what you want and just might be willing to sell it…if the price is right. Petr Kluk is obviously not very adept at haggling because, after roaming the streets horny as fuck, he stops tall and handsome Roy Parker then gives him all the money he has. Reeks of desperation, doesn’t it? What? Like you’ve never been in a situation where you wanted something so desperately you did something you thought you’d never do.

When Petr gets back to his place, Roy in tow, they start in immediately and soon end up naked. Turns out Roy’s quite the eager cocksucker! Apparently he loves getting his face fucked, not to mention his incredibly hot and hungry ass. And since Petr wants a lot of bang for his buck, he bends Roy over the sofa, slaps his ass, then works his fat, juicy cock inside the raw, willing bottom. The young man backs up, taking all Petr’s got to give, while his cock swings appetizingly back and forth. Petr pounds lover boy until neither one can hold back any longer and the two of them spew, leaving both young men happy and satisfied, knowing that money was well spent…and earned!

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