The Trouble With DIY

The trouble with DIY — do it yourself or do it yourselfers — isn’t that you don’t know what you’re doing, though that’s certainly possible. It’s not even that you lack motivation or focus, though that too is possible. In fact, even having a vision about what you want to create isn’t the problem, though there are certainly many who have no clue on even what paint to use. The trouble with DIY is that once you get into the project you might be too horny to finish. At the very least, you’ll be delayed time and time again because you want to shove your raw sweaty cock in a tight sweaty hole. We don’t know about you but the thought of that has us boned! Nick Daniels and Justin Walker are prime examples of the do-it-yourselfer that has to stop their project because they’re distracted by the thought of a big dick in a hungry hole.

The two are lean and sexy as they strip down and start working their mouths over hard throbbing shafts, returning the favor before Nick leans into the ladder and lifts one leg up. It’s all the encouragement Justin needs. He lubes up his buddy’s rear end, fingering it like he’s going to plug it up, which he does eventually but with his big fat dick. Because of the way the scene was shot, and probably because Nick is such a cock whore, we’re treated to some great close-ups of Justin pumping away bareback at Nick’s sweet tight end. Even when they switch positions, with Nick on his back, legs spread, they keep on fucking with Justin pounding away while stroking Nick’s uncut piece. Sadly, it’s over all too soon with Nick spraying a heavy load all over his belly and Justin turning Nick’s into a sloppy mess when he pulls out and splatters white jizz all over him. Hmmm. We wonder if anyone’s ever used their cum to make wallpaper paste?

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