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Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn

Country boys Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn are fucking HOT! With naturally toned bodies from working in the fields, the two workout but find it's much nicer to relax on the sofa after a hard day. And what better way to unwind than working up a sweat as they suck each other off and take turns rimming hot, luscious asses? Fair Thomas lies back and, after Ricky worships his delicious, throbbing shaft, raises his legs up in the air for Ricky to rim his ass and finger his hole. Tattooed Ricky relaxes Thomas with his tongue, fingers AND spanking! Then he teases Thomas by working half of his cock inside him before slamming the entire thing balls deep inside him. It's definitely worth the wait to see the buff bottom covered in fresh, hot jizz!

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Help Me, Doctor! I’ve Got A Pain In My Ass.

When was the last time you went to your doctor’s office with a pain in your ass? Not unless you’ve been fucked so hard, so deep, and so rough that you’re hole is totally wrecked. Right? Well, we don’t know if that was the problem with Jay Ozzy but what we do know is that he walked right on into Roy Horny’s office and had a fantasy cum true. He’s always wanted to have sex in a doctor’s office and now, with sexy and horny Roy ready to check out Jay’s ass, the bottom twink is about to get just that! But not before Roy tells him to drop his pants and get on the examining table with his ass up in the air.

Roy plays with Jay’s ass, exposing the luscious hole so he can truly explore it. However, it soon becomes evident that Roy might not necessarily know what he’s doing as a doctor since he uses the medical scope to listen to his ass, rather than his heart. Although, in Roy’s defense, he’s not a REAL doctor. He only plays one in porn. And we forgive him because he’s so cute and dives mouth first onto Jay’s cock before tearing into the twink’s hole. Fucking bareback, this is one sexy young jock who knows how to give a twink a pain in the ass, if not take it away. We find out later that Roy actually sneaked into the doctor’s office and pretended simply because he saw Jay in the waiting room and wanted to pop his bareback cherry. Oh, those crazy Eastern European twinks!

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Kevin Ateah Plays With His Toys In The Bathtub

We have a theory about playing with toys in the bathtub. Basically, the theory is that the fun we once had with rubber ducky carries over from childhood into our adult years. Judging by cute and adorable Eastern European twink Kevin Ateah, our theory seems to be correct. Of course, he IS just one young man but he’s a fine specimen, all cleaned up, cleaned out, and with the look of innocence about him. However, the thing we forgot to tell you is that in our theory, the toys we use are definitely for adults! And if Kevin has anything to say about it, the best toy to play with is the type you can shove up your ass to open you up before taking on the real thing.

After fucking himself with his sex toy — notice the bathtub is completely devoid of water — Kevin asks his buddy Tom Swings for a bit of help. Tom is a happy, obliging friend who not only grabs the dildo and fucks the hell out of Kevin, he also shoves his own cock — thick, uncut and juicy — into Kevin’s mouth and starts pumping. Kevin is in pig heaven as he services Tom’s dick and balls before sitting down on the throbbing shaft. Fucking himself by riding Tom, Kevin pumps out a big load of fresh cream and is rewarded with a cummy asshole.

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Riding High On A Fat Hog

What’s better when it comes to getting fucked raw, length or girth? Well, guess it depends on the bottom getting fucked bareback. Based on the look on Kay Kavanah’s face however, we’d the say the proper dick for getting fucked bare is a fat hog. And no, we’re definitely not talking motorcycles, though Kotly IS saving up for a crotch rocket. That’s why he’s taken on this final installment of a home improvement that seems to be taking longer than it should. Then again, one look at what these boys are doing and you can see why. The young men are easily distracted and soon taking turns sucking other before Kotley tears into Kay’s raw hole. But the bareback bottom prefers to go riding on that fat one, as high from the rush of getting fucked raw as if he were stoned, milking the shaft with his beautiful pucker until Kotley spews all over his balls.

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Caleb Moreton And Chris Fox Tag Team Julian Tomlinson

Usually, when people are invited somewhere for a friendly, intimate get-together, it’s customary to bring a bottle of wine or dessert. Some might even bring a plant, or flowers. Apparently, no one told Chris Fox or Caleb Moreton want to bring because when they arrive at Julian Tomlinson’s place, they hand over a unique gift…of sex toys! Julian seems quite excited by the dildos in the bag but not nearly as eager as Caleb and Chris who are soon devouring the twink between them. The lucky, curly-haired Julian gets fucked from both ends, bareback, by well-hung Caleb and Chris. Chris fires off a lip-smacking load seconds after Julian stands and pulls away from his cock, then Julian and Caleb each spray their jizz all over Chris.

Julian Tomlinson gets fucked by Caleb Moreton and Chris Fox in a bareback threeway

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