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Bareback Buddies Mark Brown And Sam Santi Share New Houseboy

David Harr is the new houseboy for dark-haired, tattooed jock, Mark Brown. The blond twink tries to keep his distance but the trouble is that he has the hots for Mark big time. He wants the huge dick up his ass and when Mark’s buddy Sam Santi comes over while David is cleaning, the two tease David big time. Out come two beautiful, thick, uncut tools that David can’t resist. So he drops to his knees to service both, one at a time. But what can he do when Mark starts to rim his sweet ass? There’s only one thing a horny, hungry houseboy can do. Shut up, start sucking, and spread ‘em! Mark and Sam take turns barebacking David until they all explode with huge loads of cum that splatter all over the blond skinny twink.

David Harr gets tag teamed and fucked bareback by Sam Santi and Mark Brown

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Thomas Finn Gets His Ass Well-Fucked By Ricky Boy

After a long, hard day of working out in the fields, farm hands Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn show us how country boys relax. They start off relaxing on the sofa, like most people. But the buff young studs take it a step further and unwinding with some light massaging that leads to their athletic bodies being revealed as they strip. Tattooed, beefy Ricky chows down on Thomas’ cock and sucks it like a greedy piggy before Thomas returns the favor and all but squeals like an oinker. Soon, Ricky gets hungry for that deep, dark, moist crevice just beneath Thomas’ balls. Throwing his legs up in the air, Ricky tongue fucks Thomas, then stretches him with his fingers before teasing his hole with half the length of his cock. Then, when Thomas is practically begging and throwing himself at Ricky, the jock works the rest of his shaft inside Thomas and barebacks that tight hot ass until he explodes all over his buddy’s belly. And what a hot sight buff Thomas presents as he lays on the sofa drenched in cum!

Tattooed Jock Ricky Boy Takes Good Care of Thomas Finn's Ass

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College Study Group Turns Into Bareback 3way With Connick Dade, Nick Daniels and Louie Eshby

College life can be hard. Very hard. In fact, it can be downright stiffening. Between all that frustrating school work, the hot nerdy guys and the mouth-watering jocks that make your dick throb painfully, campus studies can sometimes be the very last thing on your mind. When that happens, you join a study group. That’s what blond tattooed jock Connick Dade, handsome hunk Nick Daniels and nerdy twink Louie Eshby did. The problem is that none of them could keep their minds on their work long enough to get anything done. So, rather than beat a dead horse, they stripped down and beat one another’s cocks! That’s how Nick and Louie discovered exactly why Connick was “the Big Man on Campus.” After each young man got the chance to suck and get sucked, Nick and Louie spent a good amount of time making love to Connick’s monster meat with their mouths, sharing it between the two of them and slurping on his balls. Before long, Nick was bent over getting his ass eaten by Connick, who worked that beautiful cock up Nick’s tight hole while Louie skewered him with his big cock from the other end. Spit-roasted, Nick was fucked from both ends with big dicks until he had to get Louie up his ass. He straddles nerdy Louie and, while impaling himself on his equally beautiful cock, Connick stroked his huge slab of beef and shot a huge load of jock cum all over the two young men. Moments later, Nick drains his balls and spurts all over his own belly, followed closely by Louie who drenches Nicks’ balls and the bottom of his ass. If that didn’t relax them long enough to get their work done, nothing will. Then again, they can always just fuck some more!


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College Jock David Road Fucked By Nerdy Roommate Louie Eshby

Remember that big, beefy jock you wanted to fuck in college? Or may you were the meaty jock everyone had their eye on! Whatever side of the book you were on, relive it again in this scene with nerdy bookworm Louie Eshby and blond muscle jock, David Road. Louie walks in on David in their share bathroom as David is rinsing off and sporting a hard-on. What’s a skinny twink to do but drop to his knees and service the stud? Louie sucks down David’s fat cock like he hasn’t had anything to eat but Mac & Cheese. After a while, though, David surprises Louie by going down on him. Apparently, David’s been curious to suck some nerdy dick and Louie’s got a nice big one for him to practice on! After some mutual dick sucking, Louie buries his face in David’s peach-fuzzy ass and eats his hole like the expert pig that he truly is. David pushes back and soon finds himself with Louie’s raw cock working it’s way into his bare hole, fucking him deep, full and hard. David takes the raw dick up his ass, getting barebacked and enjoying every single of throbbing meat and every drop of splattering cum. Now that, is how you nerds get revenge of the campus jock!


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John Parker and David Wood Turned On By Board Games And Bareback Sex

Tattooed, beefy hunk John Parker and his pal David Wood are in bed playing a board game. When John lands on David’s property and can’t pay, there’s only way to remedy the situation. Away goes the game, out comes David’s hard, uncut cock and John’s mouth is immediately introduced with the throbbing member. David enjoys a good blowjob from his playmate and soon winds up showing off his own oral skills. After all, David’s a fair guy and game for just about anything, like fucking John’s face for a while before working his tongue deep into John’s crack and sliming him with spit for lube. Soon, John’s getting fucked by David’s big dick, his hole stuffed full of meat. After David throws a bareback fuck into John, he pulls out, holds the cock up and straddles John as he sits down and impales himself on John’s fat cock. The pleasure on David’s face is clear that he enjoys fucking as much as he enjoys taking a raw cock up his bare hole. He rides John, milking his buddy’s shaft for a while until he spews, streams of cum glazing his belly and cock. Shortly after, David follows suit and sprays the inside of John’s thighs, his balls, and the gaping hairy hole.

Bedroom Games With John Parker and David Wood

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