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Help Me, Doctor! I’ve Got A Pain In My Ass.

When was the last time you went to your doctor’s office with a pain in your ass? Not unless you’ve been fucked so hard, so deep, and so rough that you’re hole is totally wrecked. Right? Well, we don’t know if that was the problem with Jay Ozzy but what we do know is that he walked right on into Roy Horny’s office and had a fantasy cum true. He’s always wanted to have sex in a doctor’s office and now, with sexy and horny Roy ready to check out Jay’s ass, the bottom twink is about to get just that! But not before Roy tells him to drop his pants and get on the examining table with his ass up in the air.

Roy plays with Jay’s ass, exposing the luscious hole so he can truly explore it. However, it soon becomes evident that Roy might not necessarily know what he’s doing as a doctor since he uses the medical scope to listen to his ass, rather than his heart. Although, in Roy’s defense, he’s not a REAL doctor. He only plays one in porn. And we forgive him because he’s so cute and dives mouth first onto Jay’s cock before tearing into the twink’s hole. Fucking bareback, this is one sexy young jock who knows how to give a twink a pain in the ass, if not take it away. We find out later that Roy actually sneaked into the doctor’s office and pretended simply because he saw Jay in the waiting room and wanted to pop his bareback cherry. Oh, those crazy Eastern European twinks!

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Zac Powers, Lukas Davis and Scott Haux Have Raw 3-Way In Doctor’s Office

Sometimes you find what you need in the most unexpected of places. That’s what happened to jock-like twink Lukas Davis and Scott Haux. Both weren’t feeling quite right and wound up going to the doctor’s office. But while waiting at reception to be called in to see the doctor, the two start making out on the spot. Soon, Lukas whips out Scott’s dick and it’s a beauty! Thick, fat, uncut. Oh, yeah. And big! So much so that Lukas can barely fit his mouth around it or take all that much into his mouth. Which is okay, though. You see, that’s when Zac Powers walks in. Once he gets over the initial shock of seeing his patients sucking cock in his waiting room, Zac joins them. He gets a great blowjob from Scott while giving one to Lukas but after a while he and Scott simply spit-roast Lukas between them, pumping him full of cock and barebacking his sweet tight ass until they all explode with dripping loads of cum all over Scott. Positively drenched with their seed, Scott was feeling much better, as was Lukas. Less work for Zac!

Lukas Davis, Scott Haux and Zac Powers have a bareback 3-way at the doctor’s office

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Danny Montero Learns Raw Sex Best Medicine To Release Pressure

Danny Montero is a horny little fucker. The Latin twink finds out who’s on duty that day and visits the doctor complaining about erections. Of course, he never elaborates on whether he gets too many or too little. Perhaps Doctor Alex Stevens should have probed a little further? Regardless of what the trouble is, it seems there’s a pill for that. Alex gives it Danny, who swallows it and a moment later has an erection. Now, everyone knows the best way to relieve that type of pressure is to simply jerk off and pop off a load. But when you’ve got such a cute and sexy doctor, willing to do whatever it takes to help out his patients…well, let’s just say Alex gives Danny more than just a helping hand. After getting blown by the good doctor, Danny gets his face fucked, his ass rimmed, and his hole stuffed full of uncut raw cock. But all that bareback sex is too much for Danny and he’s soon spewing while getting pumped at the same time and his freshly fucked hole ends up covered in the Doctor’s jizz.

danny montero goes to the doctor complaining of erections and alex stevens fucks him raw

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Louie Eshby And Scott Haux Prove Playing Doctor Leads To Flip-Fucking Bareback

Tall and handsome Louie Eshby is playing doctor with an adorable twink newcomer, Scott Haux. The sweet thing has the making of a masculine jock and we look forward to seeing what he does in the future. Meanwhile, he’s here for now, as the patient with a problem. And don’t you just hate it when you KNOW there’s something wrong with you but when you get to the doctor’s office he doesn’t give you the blowjob you were hoping for? Scott does. Lucky fuck. Then again, maybe Doc Louie is the lucky one for being able to swallow the uncut piece of meat then getting fucked bareback. But as much as he obviously enjoys getting dicked raw up the ass, Louie sits down on his…ahem…stool, and his lovely patient goes for a sweet, balls-deep ride with his tight pink pucker stretched to accommodate Louie’s thickness. Hot sex, beautiful bodies, delicious cocks. Louie gets a nice cum facial, too! Maybe that’s his payment for services rendered. Don’t you wish you could cum on your doctor like that?

Doctor And Patient With Big Dicks Take Turns Fucking Each Other Raw

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Patient With Large Uncut Dick Fucks Doctor Bareback

No matter what you say, or how much some try to deny it, there’s just something about a big dick. A big, raw, fat, uncut cock pounding away at a tight fuckhole. Then spewing. Spurt after spurt of cum. It’s how this particular scene ends. Yeah, we probably should’ve started off at the beginning but sometimes you need to know about the end. And what an end it is! David Harr, a cute slender twink, playing doctor with Victor Klicko, a pajama-wearing patient. David figures that the best thing to cure what’s ailing Victor is a good blowjob while he plays with his fat nuts. Victor returns the favor but takes David raw, standing over the examining table, bent over. David gets slammed, pounded hard and rough then takes it lying down. Victor spews a really big load — we’re talking copious! — all over the good doctor’s dick and balls and we could barely contain ourselves from licking the screen.

Doctor Fucked Bareback By Patient With Big Uncut Dick

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