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Thomas Finn and Alex Stevens

Back for more, Alex Stevens is here to finish off what he started, and with blond young stud Thomas behind him, it's a job he can't wait to do! Thomas is a fucking hot piece of ass, handsome face, ripped smooth body and a butt you can't help but want to fuck, and lucky for Alex, he's in the prime position to do exactly that! Bending the buff stud over the nearest toolbox, Alex slams his already rock solid dick, deep into Thomas filling the whole room with groans of pure bareback pleasure. Wanting more from this handsome fuck, Alex gets his own way again and gets himself bouncing atop Thomas's stiff twink dick in a position that fulfills every angle you could want, close-up raw fucking, great kissing, bulging abs, cute faces, and Alex working that dick like the professional bottom boy he is, leaving Thomas' awesome body heaving after the most explosive load he's ever shot.

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Young Top Stud Tom Grande Barebacks Beefy Jock Nathan Eclain

College jocks Nathan Eclain and Tom Grande hit their bunk beds for some much needed rest and a good night’s relax. But when they see each others raging boners and smooth, rippling bodies, they decide to get into some raw, filthy bareback action instead. The college jocks explore and enjoy their respective fetishes; armpit licking and toe-sucking. But it’s the bareback sex that gives them the biggest connection. Nathan winds up on his back taking Tom’s huge hard cock deep in his ass. The burly young man can’t get enough of Tom’s cock and demands to be fucked hard. Tom gives it it to him, pounding furiously until they both let loose and explode in a cum-soaked climax. Soon they’ll be ready for Round Two!

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Sometimes You CAN Learn About Life In A Classroom!

It’s been said that you can’t learn about life in a classroom. Ricky Boy, Mario Richy and John Smith are here to prove you wrong. You see, part of learning in that environment is that you get to observe and put practical experience to use in a demonstration. Mind you, Ricky and Mario, freshly enrolled in college, are having a bit of a problem with their studies. But their also having a problem with their cocks. Mario just can’t stop getting a hard-on in class and since he has a thing for their professor, he’s playing with himself. When their teacher takes note he decides to give them a life lesson in the classroom and demonstrate what he’s always believed. That sometimes the best lesson is one with a hands-on experience.

John immediately starts sucking Mario’s big dick while Ricky looks on, stroking his own juicy cock. The lesson then progresses to one of sucking cock all around. Each young man sucks and gets sucked. In fact, Ricky, who is usually top and aggressive, actually lays down on his back and gets his face fucked by Mario while his own fat dick is expertly serviced by their scruffy teacher who hungers for the thrill of life, the joy of learning, and the extreme connection of bareback sex! He’s soon the one between Ricky and Mario, his holes used the way he wants them to be used, full of cock, spit-roasted, and tag team fucked. He’s left spent with his load on the floor, a cum facial, and a big load slowly dripping all over his ass.

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Bare Banging Bossman

One of the best things about being the boss is that you have the option of stepping back to observe your workers while chugging down a good brew. Naturally, when super sexy, handsome blond Mark Brown is hired to supervise a tile installation job, he has to make sure his workers, Jesse Jenkins and Max Pool, have proper direction and all the proper tools they need to get the job done. But as it turns out, the only tool necessary is his deliciously mouth watering cock!

Horny, Mark whips it out, and starts stroking. Soon Max and Jesse are sharing their boss between them, taking their turns, before servicing him together. But the job doesn’t stop there. If you’re going to do something right you go all the way. Max winds up in the middle, skewered by Max and Jesse as he’s fucked bareback. Once each horny fucker has his fill, they swap, tag-teaming Max during their bareback sex session until they blow their loads. Max pops off a big one and so does Jesse, who comes all over Max’s ass. But Mark’s is the one that hits Max’s face. And what else can Max do but lick off the last of the few drops of cum?

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Surveying his workman, buff young man Mark Brown, the muscled twink with a damn fine inked torso stands back and lets his colleagues get on with the work whilst he plays with his dick in front of them. Like moths to a flame however, his dick is surrounded by hungry mouths as they share licking and sucking his ever growing shaft. With very twinky type Max and Jesse giving the boss want he wants, the long suck-sesh gives you the best build up to Max getting spit-roasted right there on the tiles, his pretty young ass pulled and prodded by Mark, getting his virgin butt readied for a harsh fucking he won’t forget in a hurry! As Mark is let loose on Max’s butt, we’re given unrivalled access to his long shaft sliding in and out, making that juicy butt shale with each deep thrust before the tops swop places and Max gets a taste of his own ass from Mark’s dick, letting Jesse treat himself to his freshly fucked hole, finishing off with a flurry of boy juice soaking the token bottom boy from face to ass in his initiation like no other!

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Plumber’s Bareback Crack

If you’ve ever had a plumber over to fix your pipes, you probably know about an amazing phenomenon called plumber’s crack. That’s when some big, hairy guy bends over and exposes his ass crack and sometimes more, especially as he gets on all fours and shoves his head under your sink. Most times, it’s a guy you wouldn’t otherwise give the time of day to. But, since you’re probably horny and he’s a man, and you just want some cock, you might give him a second look, if not actually try and seduce him.

Interestingly enough, the same thing happens in Eastern Europe where the plumbers tend to be cute young men with hot bodies, big dicks, hungry holes, and a craving to lay some pipe. Damien Dreik shows up at Rudy Bodlak’s place, which he shares with buddy Jesse Jankins. And while the adorable dark-haired twink is on the floor, Rudy and Jesse whip their dicks out and Damien confronts two big pieces of meat he instantly devours. Taking turns with both, the three then get into a cocksucking extravaganza before bending Damien over and laying more bareback pipe up his sweet and hot tight hole. We wouldn’t advise you try this at home, not unless you know for sure. HOWEVER, if you offer him a beer, you never know what might come up. After all, EVERY man needs his dick sucked.

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