Zac Powers and David Gold

Twinks should really be more careful when they paint. Zac splashes blond colleague David Gold in the face as he works beneath him. Wiping his mate off, it's clear where things are going to lead, and as soon as the huge bulge in Zac's overalls starts to show, David is sucking his hung twink dick with a fury! It's so big David can't even fit it all the way into his mouth, and instead jerks and sucks it at the same time as Zac lays back and enjoys every moment. With a sore throat looming, David thinks it's about time his ass takes some of the punishment, and squats over Zac, letting his huge shaft work its way into his greedy hole completely bare and lube-free. Going all the way to the smooth, suckable balls, David is brought up and pinned into the ladder as Zac powers his massive dick into David, who yelps and moans. Both smooth slim bodies tense and twist as the top fucker screws his mate hard, opening that tight hole wide.

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Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn

Country boys Ricky Boy and Thomas Finn are fucking HOT! With naturally toned bodies from working in the fields, the two workout but find it's much nicer to relax on the sofa after a hard day. And what better way to unwind than working up a sweat as they suck each other off and take turns rimming hot, luscious asses? Fair Thomas lies back and, after Ricky worships his delicious, throbbing shaft, raises his legs up in the air for Ricky to rim his ass and finger his hole. Tattooed Ricky relaxes Thomas with his tongue, fingers AND spanking! Then he teases Thomas by working half of his cock inside him before slamming the entire thing balls deep inside him. It's definitely worth the wait to see the buff bottom covered in fresh, hot jizz!

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Rob Maxwell and Thor

Spying on his flatmate, dark haired Latino stud Thor gets a real eye-full from sexy young Rob Maxwell as he strips in his bedroom. Catching him out, Thor is called in to return the favour, and fucking hell is Thor gorgeous!! His tanned skin and muscular frame will get you rock hard as he plays with his delicious looking nipples, so watch out for when he bends over and shows a tasty ass and gob-smackingly big dick!! Sucking as if his life depended on it, Rob gets his thick shaft nice and wet, ready for his ass to welcome it inside. With some hot ass slapping, Thor gets deep inside his new playmate and glides steadily back and forth with perfect rhythm you'd expect from a hot latin lover!! Eager to payback that awesome fuck, Rob decides it's time to push his own hefty dick into some butt, and Thor can't wait, and moans like a bitch as he's riding that dick like a bucking bronco, taking it like a man, and giving us the kind of close-up views to make us feel like we could just reach out and join in the fun!

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Alex Stevens and Chris Fox

Sweet and sexy Alex Stevens heads out for a walk with tall and handsome Chris Fox. They're taking in the sights of Prague on a hot sticky afternoon, but both have an idea of just how sticky they want it! Jumping in the shower, Alex washes off the sweat, and Chris jumps in halfway through, giving Alex a great blowjob in the bathtub!! Diverting to the bedroom, both sporting massive hard-ons, Alex takes the passive lead, sucking on Chris's lovely looking dick and licking his hot young hole until Chris is too turned on, and slides that spit-soaked shaft right up into Alex as he rests easy on top of it. Flipping him over, superstar Alex gets the urge to repay the fucking favor, and Chris gets his first taste of raw dick inside that twink hole of his, but greedy bottom boy Alex wants the last ride of the afternoon, and he's soon back bouncing on top like a prize-winning jockey!

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Nick Gill, Lenovo Graz and John Parker

Checking on his contractors, blonde twink John Parker sees they're not getting much done and decides that the best way to get anything out of them is to jump in the middle, on his knees, and swallow both dicks! Dark-haired, tanned and with a sexy bit of chest hair, Lenovo Graz is on the left with horned up and hung Nick Gill on the right. The tattooed twink John can't get enough of this hot cock, devouring both incessantly; eager for that great ass of his to not go to waste, Nick spits on his dick, presses on John's back and slides his full length into him as he sucks on Lenovo, getting fed dick from both ends and having his hungry ass spanked. Jealous of the ass action he's seeing, Lenovo gets John on the floor, flipping him over so he can still get spit roasted, giving John the taste of both dicks and the feel of them fucking him raw, letting these two twinks own his peachy ass with a cum facial finale.

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