Chris Fox

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About Chris Fox:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  23

  • Height:  6'

  • Cock Size:  7

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  

  • Chris Fox is a tall, slender and handsome young man who enjoys sports. He enjoys running and swimming in particular. The young man has no trouble picking up other equally hot guys and loves sex. Chris is versatile and, up until recently, was a bareback virgin. Now he can't get enough raw sex!

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Alan Craft and Chris Fox
22 min 43 sec
Added:  Jul 12, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Curly haired Alan is a real cutie, handsome face, hot body, stiff dick and a hole you want to bury your face in -- what could be better? Well, when tall hung Chris Fox walks in and is none too shy about what he wants, dick already solid and standing there ready for working. It's soon obvious Chris has worked his magic for turning Alan on (of course!) and Alan pushes his fuck-mate over and slams his delicious dick straight into that waiting butt, his hot body looking fantastic as his abs and twink chest get tight with all the thrusting, the muscle workout making his hot torso look even more gorgeous, not to mention that dick sliding effortlessly in and out of Chris, showing just how hungry he is for Alan and that dick, especially when Alan fucks hard, his smooth balls slapping upwards against Chris as they both climax, Chris first and then Alan shares his load with us as it squirts high up over Chris's asshole.

Featuring: Alan Craft
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Julian Tomlinson, Caleb Moreton and Chris Fox
24 min 37 sec
Added:  Jun 14, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

When curly haired twink Julian invites some friends around for get-together, he doesn't expect them to come bearing gifts, especially dildo-shaped surprises! This isn't to say he's not grateful, and all three are trying it out within seconds! Pushing it into the hot young bottom boy, super hung Caleb and Chris get their mates arse working in prep for their dicks. Laying him back on top of the kitchen counter, Caleb feeds him his ever-growing donkey dick and Chris chows down on Julian who can't wait to get both dicks in his mouth, butt, and both at the same time! Julian proves himself to be a real cock craver and after this scene Chris is left covered in spunk, all three loads splattered over his smooth body.

Featuring: Caleb Moreton , Julian Tomlinson
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Val Horner and Chris Fox
25 min 42 sec
Added:  Dec 28, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Giving his mate a helping hand with his troubled car engine, Chris proves to be less than useful with that, but more capable of relieving the tension indoors. Moving in from the blazing sunshine, slim, lithe Val, dark hair and great facial structure gets down and dirty with his mate, bending him over a chair and slamming his proud handsome dick into Chris' ass again and gain, so hard that his low hanging balls are slapping against his butt with each thrust of his raw dick inside him! Wanting him in all positions imaginable, Val gets him to bounce incessantly on top, matching the rhythm perfectly so he gets in deep, and we get to see it all in great close-ups, the best views possible of two sexy slim twinks fucking bareback!

Featuring: Val Horner
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Blonds, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Rimming, Twinks, Uncut

Peter Boow and Chris Fox
26 min 16 sec
Added:  Dec 21, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Having a friend to stay the night means only one thing to insatiable Chris Fox, and that's a nice long fuck in the bedroom! With his boyfriend away, dark-haired twink Peter Boow crashes at Chris' and after spying his bare butt from beneath the sheets, our guest is soon sporting an impressive hard-on! That delicious long shaft and juicy head just cries out to be sucked, and there's no time to delay! Getting at it immediately, Chris is first sucked, but then Peters dick gets all the attention! Gentle stroke, hop lips wrapping around it and then Chris's hungry hole slipping up and down the endless shaft as he's fucked deeper than ever before. Showing off their intense fuck session, we're treated to Peter's immense dick being driven hard into Chris, his gaping hole taking it all, with the handsome Peter loving every second until his cock erupts in torrents of white boy juice.

Featuring: Peter Boow
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Val Horner, Damien Dreik and Chris Fox
31 min 3 sec
Added:  Dec 14, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

It's Damien Dreik's birthday and to celebrate in style, Chris Fox invites his mate Val Horner, hopefully in the car he's fixed up. They have a double surprise for the dark-haired, white twink! Turning around with a balloon decorating his dick, Chris gets Damien in the mood for some cock sucking and ass fucking! You won't know where to look once all three get naked. The dicks are rock solid and eager to get wet with spit from each mouth available! Laying back on the sofa, we're treated to a chain of cock suckers who soon about-face and expose their tight butts, all for top guy Val to take full advantage of! Swapping between holes, Val pounds Damien first, as it's his birthday, then takes his raw dick out and goes straight into Chris, sharing the love with his hot cock, still warm from Damien's peachy ass. Spit roasting the cock hungry twink, Damien is fed more dick than ever before in his young life; giving him a birthday he'll never forget!

Featuring: Val Horner
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Blonds, Blowjobs, Group sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threesome, Twinks, Uncut