David Road

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About David Road:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  19

  • Height:  5'8"

  • Cock Size:  6.5" Uncut

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  

  • David Road is an adorable, beefy college jock with a baby face and a bubble butt. But don't let that innocent face fool you. He's got a voracious sexual appetite and this young man is no virgin when it comes to bareback fucking! He works at a local gym and loves giving pointers to the members. Especially where it involved guys with big dicks!

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David Road, Luke Taylor and Connick Dade
20 min 36 sec
Added:  Jul 22, 2016   Avg Rating: 4.0

As Luke Taylor buys a bottle of water from David Road, Connick Dade walks into the gym. After getting a key for his locker, the jock heads for the leg machine and winds up getting pointers from Luke and David, the attendant. The three are soon stripped, fondling each other and licking nipples while getting each other hard. Luke pulls out Connick's cock and starts sucking the muscled jock's huge piece meat as Connick slobbers over David. Connick then gets on his knees, sucking them both. After Connick swaps with David for center cock sucking position, the blond attendant is serviced by Luke while Connick rims his tender, raw hole. Skewered from both ends, David sucks Luke and gets barebacked by Connick. Luke gets in on the raw action, riding Connick's uncut slab while David feeds Connick some cock. Luke and David spray Connick with fresh jizz and Connick blows his all over his belly.

Featuring: Connick Dade , Luke Taylor
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David Road and John Parker
26 min 24 sec
Added:  Oct 26, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

On a nice warm day, even the household chores suddenly turn into a hormone induced sex-fest, and proving this, tattooed young fucker John gets down and dirty on the clean kitchen counter with blond beauty David Road. Getting down on his knees, David is treated to a real throat fucking as he licks his mates balls and devours the throbbing shaft!! Begging for attention, John's hungry pink hole is spread by David, gently opening it up with his spit and fingers, massaging it and licking until it's relaxed enough to slide his fat dick inside, up to the balls. Pinning him to the kitchen counter, David lubes up his dick and starts pumping away, filling his handsome friend full of pure man-meat, and hearing him moan out loud as it gets deeper with each thrust.

Featuring: John Parker
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Blonds, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut

David Road, Nick Daniels and Julian Tomlinson
20 min 58 sec
Added:  May 11, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Nick Daniels and Julian Tomlinson start playing spin-the-bottle when David Road comes to the table. David watches Julian and Nick kiss then decides to have a spin. Only he cheats since he wants a blowjob from the curly-haired twink. Julian quickly drops to his knees, sucking the blond jock's dick while Nick looks on before offering up his cock for David to suck. The three young men take turns sucking and getting sucked then devour one another, rimming tight sphincters and fingering the pink raw holes to stretch them out before fucking each other bareback. Julian gets skewered and spit-roasted by David and Nick and soon winds up getting drenched and splattered with their fresh loads of cum.

Featuring: Julian Tomlinson , Nick Daniels
Categories: Bare Adventures

Louie Eshby and David Road
21 min 18 sec
Added:  Jan 19, 2014   Avg Rating: 2.7

David Road is showering when college roommate Louie Eshby walks in on him. Louie starts pulling on his cock as he watches the beefy blond jock rinsing off and soon the two young men are kissing. Louie works his eager, hungry mouth all over David's body, sucking on his beautiful, uncut cock and munching on his balls. The blond jock soon drops to his knees, eager to show Louie how turned on he is by his dark-haired buddy's big dick. Before you know it, Louie's got David bent over, rimming his fuzzy ass and stretching his hole, getting it ready for a raw fuck that leaves both of them drained.

Featuring: Louie Eshby
Categories: Bare Adventures