Fred Terry

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About Fred Terry:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  24

  • Height:  5'10"

  • Cock Size:  7" uncut

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile Bottom

  • Likes:  

  • Fred Tery is top in his class at college and enjoys his studies. He makes porn for extra money to pay for his schooling and has recently discovered the pleasures of getting fucked bareback. He's always enjoyed gay sex but now that he's a bit older and has had enough experience, he knows there's nothing better than someone who knows what they're doing when stretching his hole.

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Lukas Davis and Fred Tery
24 min 4 sec
Added:  Apr 26, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Buff twink Lukas Davis has great pecs for a skinny twink. As he enjoys a bathtub massage from dark-haired twink Fred Tery, Lukas is slick with oil. Fred gently slaps his firm skin and rubs his back, chest, down past his abs and to a hot cock eagerly standing at attention. Lukas has a couple of tattoos on his forearms, giving him a bad boy look that Fred can't resist. The two young men swap blowjobs, their smooth, shiny, oiled-up skin looking so hot as they feast on all that dick. After a good rimming, Fred sits on Lukas' throbbing dick and bounces incessantly on it, getting his ass opened by the uncut shaft. We get to see it slide in and out as Fred's hungry hole takes it to the hilt, his own solid dick swaying in motion; proving just how much he loves having his mate fuck him raw! We can now see why Lukas is so toned, the hard-bodied twink fucks like a pro and uses every muscle in his body to get his big dick deep into his fuck-mate, lucky Fred repays Lukas with a hot mouthful of spunk!

Featuring: Lukas Davis
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Fred Terry, Thomas Fiaty and Scott Haux
27 min 13 sec
Added:  Feb 01, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Calling the two new boys into the office for a talking to, suited Fred has the bad news that they're going to have to be let go, and that's really not what these boys want to hear, so they do the only thing they can to change his mind-- whip out their big dicks ready and waiting for Fred to get distracted -- and this plan works perfectly! Sharing their hot cocks, the toned torsos of all three boys is pure heaven, with curly haired Scott getting his serviced and blond, very young looking Thomas more than content to fill his mouth with Fred's thick slab of meat all the while showing off his very desirable hole to the camera. Even with tonnes of cock sucking going on, you'll be hard pushed to stop staring at that peachy butt without wanting to dive right in, and lucky for Fred, he gets to do just that, but not only with Thomas, but sharing his thick dick between both horny lads, moving from one to the other and back again, really getting his fill of twink butt as the other bottom boy watches the fucking as close as he can. Horny young Tom gets a hungry appetite for ass, and gets a go on Scott's nicely fucked arse and is sandwiched between them as Fred fucks him at the same time!! This is one dam hot threeway, and with all that raw fucking and twink spunk flying from cock after cock, it's an A-Grade office, whatever they do!!

Featuring: Scott Haux , Thomas Fiaty
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