Jose Manuel

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About Jose Manuel:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  25

  • Height:  6'

  • Cock Size:  7"

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  

  • Jose Manuel came from Spain with big hope to be the next gay model. He is perfect in every way. Men like him because he is still young, handsome, smooth, and fit. This fine young man just got out from a relationship. He realized that he wasn't ready for commitment yet because he still wanted to have sex with many different guys. Being versatile, sex is not a problem because he can be either top or bottom. To him, sex feels much better if it's done bareback. However, he is very careful with whom he barebacks with. Usually, after sex, he will lick his partner's cum because he loves its taste.

Updates Featuring Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel, Marty and Johnnie Dick
23 min 13 sec
Added:  May 27, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Jose Manuel is back with Marty and Johnnie Dick. The three friends are horny and ready for some bareback spit-roasting. While Jose showers, Johnnie and Marty are on the couch tasting each other. Soon Jose joins in on the action!! Marty, an eager and willing bottom, soon takes them both on, riding Johnnie before sliding down on Jose's impressively thick rod! After getting tag-teamed, Marty lays back and gets a dual, sticky cum facial. Several spurts fly right into his mouth which he happily swallows down before cumming all over his own slim body!

Featuring: Johnnie Dick , Marty
Categories: 3-way, Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Fucking, Group sex, Hunks, MP4, Oral Sex, Smooth, Sucking, Uncut

Jose Manuel and Paulo
16 min 41 sec
Added:  Mar 18, 2016   Avg Rating: 4.0

Czech boys Jose and Paulo can't resist the urge to explore each others after getting cozy to keep warm. Blond and blue-eyed Jose is gorgeous, with a slender and smooth body. He's got six-pack abs that dark-haired Paulo can't help running his tongue across. The soft pale skin covering Jose offsets Paulo's olive complexion as they suck and taste each others fat, throbbing cocks. Jose wants Paulo's thick bare cock inside his tight ass and Paulo is happy to oblige. He slides it deep inside and fucks Jose raw, bringing him to a creamy finish; not once, but TWICE! Jose blows two full loads over himself and Paulo before Paulo spurts his own all over Jose's hungry mouth!

Featuring: Paulo
Categories: Anal Sex, Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Fucking, One on One, Oral Sex, Smooth, Sucking, Twinks, Uncut

Jesse Jenkins and Jose Manuel
17 min 58 sec
Added:  Nov 13, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

If you're a hot young Czech even the most mundane of domestic chores can turn into a damn fine sex session if you let it! Scrubbing the kitchen clean, Jose, tanned, with one of the best defined twink bodies in the land, gets distracted by a horny Jesse, smooth, tall and lean with a sexy tattoo across his collarbone. Getting each other hard with some hot rubbing under their pants, Jose gets a real handful, and wants his mouth to take over the work, sucking on Jesse's impressive meat! As Jose jumps up onto the freshly cleaned counter, his own thick dick is worked on, getting them both crazy and after some anal action! What Jose doesn't know is Jesse is in the mood for kink, and his passive buddy is tied to the counter he was just cleaning, his tanned tight body held down as Jesse rams his big bare dick into him, with Jose having no choice but to take it! Holding him up sideways, Jesse's massive dick is shown in full glory sliding in and out of Jose's fuzzy but hungry ass, his six-pack flexing, and those hot young arms curved with a great amount of muscle to give this twink an amazing edge.

Featuring: Jesse Jenkins
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Jose Manuel and Rudy Bodlak
23 min 38 sec
Added:  Oct 02, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Measuring up is something no Czech twink ever has to worry about, it's in their genes to impress, and Rudy is definitely no exception. Showing off his dick to fellow handyman Jose Manuel, it's rock solid in seconds, and down his mates throat in the same amount of time! This quite muscular young twink has the beginnings of a hairy chest, but his cute face and nicely curved dick sill work wonders for the lovers of twink! Cock hungry Jose is a slim big thick dicked skinny guy, typical twink material, especially when he's got a nice big raw dick shoved up his butt! Watching as Rudy eases into Jose is pure porn heaven, the thick shaft opening him up slowly is so perfect you can almost feel it yourself, and when he gets to pound him hard, pushing his thighs forward as he pulls his shoulders back is something you'll be watching many times over, that's for sure! Given side views, underneath views and as he pulls out and in again you'll be edging yourself closer to climax, but hold off until the moment these boys join it, you won't be disappointed as these guys just don't wanna stop!

Featuring: Rudy Bodlak
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