Julian Tomlinson

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About Julian Tomlinson:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  19

  • Height:  5'8

  • Cock Size:  7

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Bottom

  • Likes:  

  • Julian Tomlinson is a slender Euro twink who enjoys bareback sex. His favorite is being skewered between two well-hung fuck buds. Julian likes to go out and hang out with his friends. He especially loves the feeling of cum splattering on his ass.

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Joshua Finley and Julian Tomlinson
20 min 53 sec
Added:  Sep 16, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Julian Tomlinson walks into the dorm room he shares with Joshua Finley. Joshua, struggling with college math, finds himself distracted by the curly-haired roommate. In seconds, the slender young men are kissing and feeling each other up. Quickly stripping, Joshua drops to his knees and starts working Julian's fat dick with his pretty mouth, working the fat knob with his lips. Julian works his talented tongue over Joshua's hard dick, making the twink moan with delight. Before you know it, Joshua's on the table, face down, with Julian's talented tongue rimming his sweet tight hole. Julian, usually a bottom, can't resist Joshua's sweet ass and slides his raw cock deep inside the bare hole, pumping him full of young meat as they fuck bareback on the squeaky table. Julian spews a copious amount of fresh cream on Joshua, who then pumps out a delicious load of cum of his own. Aaaah, the good old college days!

Featuring: Joshua Finley
Categories: Bare Adventures

Denis Folac and Julian Tomlison
19 min 53 sec
Added:  Jul 15, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

College swimmer Denis Folac and Julian Tomlinson are relaxing in the hot tub at the gym. Julian starts jerking off when Denis flashes his cock at him and, after watching each other, the two slender young men start to kiss. Denis goes down on the twink and after returning the favor, the curly-haired dark blond stands. Denis devours it once more and, soon, tattooed, slender Denis bends Julian over. He works his long cock inside the eager, bareback bottom twink, fucking his raw hole before getting him to straddle his cock. Julian rides Denis and enjoys every inch of penetration before spraying huge loads of cum all over each other.

Featuring: Denis Folac
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Julian Tomlinson and Thomas Fiaty
21 min 41 sec
Added:  Jul 08, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Julian Tomlinson and Thomas Fiaty are playing a spirited game of dice that soon has the Eastern European twinks increasing the stakes. Out of betting chips, Julian agrees to suck Thomas's cock.The curly-haired young man slobbers over Thomas's tasty dick before pulling his own cock out and jerking off. Thomas returns the oral favor, sucking on Julian's pretty cock. The slender sex fiends trade blowjobs before Julian lays back on the hardwood floor, legs up in the air, exposing his hole to Thomas. The horny blond dives for it, rimming the puckered sphincter until it's ready for bareback fucking. Once Julian is primed, Thomas fucks Julian's raw hole then rides Julian's cock until they spew huge loads of spunk all over each other.

Featuring: Thomas Fiaty
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John Hill and Julian Tomlinson
24 min 24 sec
Added:  Aug 02, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

John Hill is one fucking handsome young fucker, he's got the face, the body, the dick and the tats to get anyone he wants, and Julian Tomlinson -- minus the curly head of hair we are used to -- gets the pleasure of this amazing scene. Closing in on his slick dick getting throat fucked, both cuties are in it for the pleasure, and boy do they give us a good time too! John's hot toned body is just perfect, the chest and ab muscles nicely defined but not too huge, and the long shaft of his arrow-like dick is great for sliding into Julian's hot hungry mouth and ass! Taking him in every way he can, John goes for the pile-driver, and really gives Julian the time of his young life and us the best view of his bare dick fucking Julian's smooth hole hard and deep! Just watching him fuck and then pull out and spunk all over Julian's freshly fucked and puckering hole is a dream come true in anyone's eyes!

Featuring: John Hill
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Mark Brown and Julian Tomlinson
27 min 36 sec
Added:  Jul 05, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Seducing his boyish lover, toned and nicely defined Mark, with some damn hot tattoos accentuating his definition, brings him a red rose and wine to wake him up - nothing like a beverage in the morning to get you frisky as hell! Massaging Julian's slim body with the petals, he goes further and further south until he reaches his dick shaped destination. The horny lads enjoy a great extended suck session, tasting each other's bodies and shafts as Mark gets himself ready to slam into Julian's ready and waiting butthole. Giving us great views as mark lifts his fuck buddy's leg sky high; the sight of masculine Mark giving it hard to twinky Julian will blow your mind, and your load when you catch both squirting their loads, Mark shooting like a star and nearly hitting the camera!

Featuring: Mark Brown
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut

Julian Tomlinson, Caleb Moreton and Chris Fox
24 min 37 sec
Added:  Jun 14, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

When curly haired twink Julian invites some friends around for get-together, he doesn't expect them to come bearing gifts, especially dildo-shaped surprises! This isn't to say he's not grateful, and all three are trying it out within seconds! Pushing it into the hot young bottom boy, super hung Caleb and Chris get their mates arse working in prep for their dicks. Laying him back on top of the kitchen counter, Caleb feeds him his ever-growing donkey dick and Chris chows down on Julian who can't wait to get both dicks in his mouth, butt, and both at the same time! Julian proves himself to be a real cock craver and after this scene Chris is left covered in spunk, all three loads splattered over his smooth body.

Featuring: Caleb Moreton , Chris Fox
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Dildos, Group sex, Oral Sex, Threesome, Toys, Twinks, Uncut

Danny Montero and Julian Tomlinson
23 min 57 sec
Added:  Mar 08, 2015   Avg Rating: 4.2

Fuck buddies Julian and Danny spend a hot afternoon together the way we love twinks to spend time!! Obviously really into each other, these lads quickly work their way into the bedroom from the kitchen, kissing as they fumble their way until they both collapse on the bed, eager to rip each other's clothes off! Stripping off their trousers, their already solid dicks are standing proud and ready for a hard sucking; Julian in particularly hungry for hot Latino Danny's dick!! After some really passionate oral action, Danny gets his juicy tongue into Julian's tight pink hot until it's wet and ready for his well worked cock to slide in. Julian arches his back as Danny begins to thrust hard and fast, pulling his leg up to get a steady footing as his bare dick really works our curly haired fuck friend!! Going balls-deep over and over again, Julian is getting one hell of a fuck off his mate, it's no wonder they are the best of fuck buddies!!

Featuring: Danny Montero
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Julian Tomlinson and Peter Boow
33 min 23 sec
Added:  Aug 31, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Back in the changing rooms, curly-haired Julian and handsome Peter Boow are soaking their feet after a hard game on the pitch. Julian offers to help wash Peter's feet and the hormones kick in. The two cute twinks start making out and it quickly develops to a hot tryst as bulging shorts burst open to reveal rock hard dicks that beg for deep oral! Julian's nicely curved shaft is treated to a long sucking as Peter lies down and plays with his own massive throbbing shaft. Both students have totally smooth, defined slim bodies that look amazing as Julian spreads his ass wide. He lets Peter's hot tongue poke deep, loosening him enough for Peter to slowly slide that really long dick up to the hilt. And we see every possible inch in awesome close-up!

Featuring: Peter Boow
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Feet, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut, Uniforms