Peter Boow

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About Peter Boow:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  22

  • Height:  5'10"

  • Cock Size:  8"

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile Top

  • Likes:  

  • Peter Boow is an athletic young man who likes getting his feet massaged. The only trouble is that you're the unlucky one working on his feet, chances are you're going to wind up sucking on his big cock, getting rimmed, then fucked bareback by the handsome jock and his big dick. Come to think of it, maybe you wouldn't be so unlucky!

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Damien Dreik and Peter Boow
29 min 43 sec
Added:  Mar 01, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Showing his favourite porn scene to his new found fuck mate, Damien Dreik gets both himself and handsome, slightly hairy chested Peter Boow sporting huge hard-ons in a matter of moments. Intense cock sucking quickly ensues all for the build-up of Peter turning Damien over and slamming his dick into him, up to the hilt, in one swift and smooth motion!! From a slow sucking we are taken to a fast fucking, with peter's balls slapping against Damien's butt so fast they turn into a blur!! With a fuck like that, who wouldn't want one in return? Not Peter! He's on his side after giving his twinky friend the fuck of his young life, opening his own hole and letting Damien take full control, barebacking him in a slower, but just as sexy pace, panning down Peter's hot body towards the where the action is, almost falling off the sofa mid thrust!! After a quick re-position, Damien shows off his tight, buff young body, a surprise six-pack and pecs we missed before, but as he builds up the pace, the cum can't be held back for long and our dark haired fucker squirts over Pete's freshly fucked ass, letting it drip down, the pleasure of that too much for him and he lifts up and cums over Damien, giving us a parting shot of his hot little body!!

Featuring: Damien Dreik
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Peter Boow and Chris Fox
26 min 16 sec
Added:  Dec 21, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Having a friend to stay the night means only one thing to insatiable Chris Fox, and that's a nice long fuck in the bedroom! With his boyfriend away, dark-haired twink Peter Boow crashes at Chris' and after spying his bare butt from beneath the sheets, our guest is soon sporting an impressive hard-on! That delicious long shaft and juicy head just cries out to be sucked, and there's no time to delay! Getting at it immediately, Chris is first sucked, but then Peters dick gets all the attention! Gentle stroke, hop lips wrapping around it and then Chris's hungry hole slipping up and down the endless shaft as he's fucked deeper than ever before. Showing off their intense fuck session, we're treated to Peter's immense dick being driven hard into Chris, his gaping hole taking it all, with the handsome Peter loving every second until his cock erupts in torrents of white boy juice.

Featuring: Chris Fox
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Julian Tomlinson and Peter Boow
33 min 23 sec
Added:  Aug 31, 2014   Avg Rating: 5.0

Back in the changing rooms, curly-haired Julian and handsome Peter Boow are soaking their feet after a hard game on the pitch. Julian offers to help wash Peter's feet and the hormones kick in. The two cute twinks start making out and it quickly develops to a hot tryst as bulging shorts burst open to reveal rock hard dicks that beg for deep oral! Julian's nicely curved shaft is treated to a long sucking as Peter lies down and plays with his own massive throbbing shaft. Both students have totally smooth, defined slim bodies that look amazing as Julian spreads his ass wide. He lets Peter's hot tongue poke deep, loosening him enough for Peter to slowly slide that really long dick up to the hilt. And we see every possible inch in awesome close-up!

Featuring: Julian Tomlinson
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