Ricky Boy

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About Ricky Boy:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  24

  • Height:  5'10"

  • Cock Size:  7.5"

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  

  • Prefers:  Versatile Top

  • Likes:  

  • What can we say about Ricky Boy except that he's going to make you drool? From the big, brown eyes, the wide, easy smile that will melt your heart, down to his beautifully muscled tattooed body and luscious cock. He's the perfect size! Ricky does like to go to the gym and keep in shape but really loves to sink his teeth into a good book.

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Ricky Boy, Mario Richy and John Smith
18 min 40 sec
Added:  Apr 29, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

It's the college classroom and the two students here, tattooed Ricky and handsome Mario are taught something indecipherable on the blackboard by stubbled, yet twink-like John. Teachers pet Ricky gets a question right, but Mario has other things on his mind, or more to the point, in hand! Mario is soon caught in the act and the game is up. But why waste such an impressive hard-on? The teacher decides to give them a life-lesson instead; how to suck dick! On his knees, John starts with Ricky's hot cock, as Mario gets Ricky to feed of his own; it's a melee of big stuff dicks, heaven! As beautiful Mario gets the proper punishment of two dicks bouncing in his face at once, his tight young body, pale, smooth and with a damn hot six-pack is soon put to better use as he slides his thick dick into John. The sight of John opening himself up to get spit-roasted is so hot you'll be hard pushed not to shoot your load then and there, but there's a whole hard fuck-fest yet to come! Their tight bodies flex and thrust and you won't know where to look with the three gorgeous boys all having a great time sharing dick and ass. Just don't miss the cumshots! Mario shoots over John's face whilst Ricky covers his teachers ass in spunk, then John leaves the floor a flood of cum!

Featuring: John Smith , Mario Richy
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Peter Scot and Ricky Boy
28 min 25 sec
Added:  Aug 09, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

Dreaming of what he'll do to the fit skater in the park, cute young Peter Scot gives us his dream in full close-up hardcore detail! Ricky, the skater boy in question turns heads wherever he sails past, and with that tanned smooth skin and tattooed arm and chest, it's no wonder! Lucky Peter gets him working on his throbbing dick whilst he himself gets his throat fucked by this handsome young kid, both sporting great stiff dicks, the white sofa focusing all our attention on the twinky slim bodies as they wrap around each other, getting hotter and harder until Ricky takes the lead and slides his deliciously wet dick into the moaning Peter. The feeling of Ricky's big uncut cock in Peter must be a confusing mix of sheer pleasure and the unknown as he yelps out but still wants more and more, leading to him giving a great release of spunk.

Featuring: Peter Scot
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Big Balls, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut, Underwear

Ricky Boy and Todd
22 min 24 sec
Added:  May 24, 2015   Avg Rating: 5.0

The side of a railway track has never been sexier. Tattooed and cropped Ricky and shaven headed Todd take a break from their trek and get their rock solid dicks out to catch a tan. As they peel off their clothes, Ricky shows off his hot tattoos to his hairy chested friend, and things quickly head south from there. After some powerful blow-jobs, Ricky's being straight dick is hungry for a hole, and pushes the masculine Todd over the tracks and pushes his cock right up inside his ass. Letting us watch this hot and sweaty fuck in great close-ups, Todd lifts his leg up and we can see Ricky's entire length slide effortlessly in and out of that hot hole. Todd's buff body tight with the feeling of getting rammed whilst Ricky's getting one hell of a workout.

Featuring: Todd
Categories: Bare Adventures, Bareback, Blowjobs, MP4, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Sneakers, Tattoos, Uncut